Sunday, 4 March 2018

Navigating inside printed stories

Where in the drama or nature description was I? This ladybird will tell. 
Or this Eiffel tower. Could match a Paris story.
This bookmark I made myself out of a stretchy string that held a pair of shoes together and added the beads.
It turned out to be perfect, as the string can be stretched to reach through even bigger books and the pearls hang beautifully on each side.
Another nice thing to keep track of where you had to do something else but reading is a postcard - preferably from your own city.
I have also mandala-ish postcards that I have cut in pieces to create bookmarks. You might wonder, why so many bookmarks at all? Because I tend to read many books at once and variation is nice.
This is the coolest bookmark of its kind, but unfortunately least practical. Probably most suitable for really big books.

What about you? Do you use dollars, dried flowers or something else between the pages to remember which page you were at? :)

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