Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My new words as of 2018, part II

Orogeny - scientific term for formation of mountains.

Shell shock - the psychological state soldiers experienced, a war trauma, after the First World War. They were not taken seriously and sent back to the war field. Their symptoms were believed to be simulated and their mental health was taken into consideration much later.

Gerotranscendens - thinking positively about aging, while aging. This incudes for example being happy spending more time with oneself and the acceptance of not being able to understand all the mysteries in life.

Uzi - an Israeli submachine-gun.

Edit-a-thom - a marathon of editing! For example arranged by 50 Swedish agencies on 8 March to add to the number of biographies of females on Wikipedia.

Stripmall - shopping mall with all the shops arranged in a row.

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