Monday, 5 March 2018

Museum Mission: The home of Astrid Lindgren / Astrid Lindgrens hem

 "This is a home, not a museum", one of our guides said. Technically, the apartment of author Astrid Lindgren is still a rental one, but with furniture intact, personal belongings at exactly the same places that they were, so it is a time capsule - a museum. Some visitors keep coming back and I understand them - each guide has a unique approach, with more focus on anecdotes, or less. Today's main guide had known Astrid Lindgren in person.
It is very difficult to get tickets to Dalagatan 46. I have tried for about two or more years. Photos are not allowed unless for private use, so this restriction doesn't let me to publish much more here, but you can take a virtual tour inside and even look inside the books on her bookshelves :) 

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