Friday, 30 March 2018

Easter in Cartagena, Spain - last year

I witnessed processions in Murcia and Cartagena, which were very wide apart to their content. Cartagenians take their parade very seriously, put in more effort and plenty of variation - and they do it at night. I gave up at midnight after at least two hours at the front seats watching the parade (cafés and restaurants offer chairs outside their premises), and there still was plenty to see.
Every maybe 15 minutes, men would come carrying new and heavy symbols of Jesus and Easter symbols.
It is quite a powerful sight. This object is super heavy and only manpower makes it move.
The steps are syncronised, micropauses made in intervals. 
From what I know, every Spanish city has its own objects to carry around the city around Easter. In Calasparra, a village of 10,000 people where here I used to live, there also were similar arrangements - and it ended inside a church that always was closed otherwise. Jana very happy. :)
This Easter I am travelling around in Malmö, Copenhagen and Lund instead. We had an Easter lunch at work, that will be the only celebration of it this year.
I will for sure NOT see gigantesque flower formations like this hovering by,
directly financed with taxpayers' money. This is also up for discussion - maybe the formations could be made more economical, with less carnations?

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