Saturday, 3 March 2018

At Gyldene Freden (and essentials at Gamla stan)

I got a drink gift from 1722, one can say, at Gyldene freden, where the Swedish Academy has its traditional dinners every Thursday; pea soup and pancakes.
It smells like spilt beer in here, in a good way, though. Upon entering, M. pointed at her breasts and said "weapons of mass destruction", which apparently is the same as quoting Dolly Parton.

Before settling for one of the alcohol free alternatives, we got to try them. I chose a sparkling white.
We shared some nice stories, and the bartender asked if the wine was tasty. I nodded back, so he filled up my glass. He did in fact not ask if it was nice, but I heard what I wanted to hear. Classic mistake.
Bouquet of wine. Birthday gift, anyone? :)
We also stopped by at a Mexican place which had party next to the ceiling and the nicest staff
and found things at windows of shops for all needs and tastes, including dolls to scare (your) children with.

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