Tuesday, 6 March 2018

An occasion when the outfit actually matters

Now someone surely thinks I allude to an Arctic pole expedition, and it's not too far-fetched.

This Saturday, I am invited to a party. Topic is "In the woods". I asked the hostess if she really meant what was said in the description, that we would go to the forest after a while of partying first and then get lost?.. She replied - luckily - that we would stay indoors, and I could relax about how to stay warm and not wet in the deep snow.


What should I wear? Olive leaves, like the Greeks? Paint branches on my arms? Be an... elf?

All ideas are good ideas. I have the green dress from the Spanish wedding which steers the thought to Renaissance forest creatures with some imagination, and then of course I could interpret all forest times with flowers, being a carpenter (still wood), or be a bird maybe?

"You should dress up like Näcken!" colleagues saidm (This fairy tale creature only wears a violin.) I wrote this to the hostess, who quickly came up with other ideas :)

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