Tuesday, 20 February 2018

When I was blindfolded and led through a tiny forest for a surprise

The girls said: "dress party-like", then grabbed me from each side and lead me through some bushes,
inside a tunnel, past two decorated trees (which I saw later), into a place with warm air brushing past and it smelled nice.
"Don't look down", they said, because through the split I could have noticed the rug text.
But I had the chance to get audio clues as the elevator voice makes announcements, so I knew it was on the 34th floor. The doors opened, and some man exclaimed: "A bachelorette party!" (Note that I still was blindfolded.) "Hope it lasts all life!" He continued. "So do I", I replied, and then had to walk exactly 20 steps up to
this view! The girls had brought me to the Kista tower, which has a sky bar.
 While I relaxed at the sofa (took photos), the bartender blended my alcohol-free sour drink request, which was "any unusual flavours":
 rosemary and pear, apparently.
 We talked about provocative art at an art school in Hamburg, society structures and that we should come back here again in a year. We liked that it was not too crowded and with a flying bike, with a nice ambience.
We shall see about it though! You never know. Today I was proposed to, by a GROUP of people. Jokingly, but nevertheless in a room called the wedding room, so next year at this time I might be on a honey moon?!

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