Friday, 2 February 2018

We don't use computers at the university anymore, but birch bark

Russian literature, and the teacher brings birch bark with her for us to write something on, because the "birch letters" found during the excavations in Velikij Novgorod in 1951 was a revolution! This was the sms of the old times (1000-1400's) and revealed for example that many more could read and write than we used to think. Read more about them here! Mind you, the surface is easier to write on if you boil it first. And yes, sorry, the other side is the "real" side, but I was in a rush taking the photo in class.

The lecturer offered to bring me more of her birch to write a letter on, but I had to turn it down. Now I have to find some old, appropriate logs in the woods, maybe? :)

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