Friday, 9 February 2018

The other day in Lund, at Sweden's youngest castle

First, I was jumping on the hay, of course.

I have a tendency to come to castles when they are in the interim of closing/opening/preparing for weddings/preparing for tonight's arrangements. But our capitalistic, materialistic prayers were heard and we were allowed to have tea and pastry.
Youngest - in castle terms, nothing: it turns 100 years this year. Take a close look; this section will soon be recomposed and built to look more like the 1920's style.
But don't worry, nothing will be thrown away.
Instead, all the parts of Örenäs castle will be auctioned on a specific website that castles use to exchange and recompose interiors. I didn't know there was one, this is super smart.
Here, we discussed future plans, solely touching upon careers.

A similar photo of me exists also from the Moratalla castle - still coming up. It's like a natural instinct - is there a crown? Grab one and put it on your head. Is there a throne? Sit in it.
I really liked this castle. It gives the sense of being at ease in your own home.

The tone definitely set by the chili tea and great company as well.

Before it was time to move on to meetings and such, we really wanted to see the water (and I touched it! It wasn't too cold, for some reason).

Because across, there is the island Ven! Supposedly beautiful in the summer and perfect for a day tour on bike. Maybe this May? :)

Behind us (note that we walk on huge heaps of algae): ships and ferries with anchors down, glimmering in the dark. 
Just IMAGINE how beautiful it is here summer time ;) This is Ålabodarna, a miniature city along the seashore. Many architects chose to make big parts os the houses entirely of glass - that gives fantastic sea views.

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