Sunday, 4 February 2018

Pictorial cavalcade, themed HAPPY BIRTHDAY

 You know I love birthday weeks. Wish this for everyone, it's the best. Here, with a dear friend at Haga tårtbageri (a nice place if you are in Stockholm some day), opening...
...a cute rainbowy notebook.
Then I had the first birthday celebration (out of three), with some of the best gifts ever: a book with poems and a real letter from 1954 that someone left inside
a gift with a password, with the clues BAKED IN these cookies,
of which one was a beautifully designed letter.
Theme was to wear something unusual from one's wardrobe,
which I think this young man wins the prize for with his green lipstick :)
Lovely memories: drinking wine with Dracula, Silvia's pink omnipills, a really tasty soup, sex in space, Matilda who walks up to me and says "This is such a great party".

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