Thursday, 1 February 2018

Piano drama, a tiger and a proposal

This is a friend that you have not seen on the blog for YEARS if ever. He is kind of dancing here, as we are simultaneously recovering from the very passive-aggressive message made with a wet broomstick used to knock on our window from the floor above us because we got carried away with the piano quite late.

But also: we touched a TIGER. A museum seemed to have had a party outsides with benches of ice to sit on in the adjacent park and there was a huge tiger on a piedestal left behind that would wiggle it's tongue, roar and nod if it got its tail touched.

I also helped a friend to propose! And ran into another friend thrice in one evening though we didn't plan to. A problem with proposals, it turns out, is to find the ring size: engagement ring are not reimbursed. They can be made one size smaller (and I assume bigger) but that could be not enough. 

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