Saturday, 24 February 2018

Museum Mission: Invisible exhibition / Osynlig utställning

Bring your date here, it will be great. I cannot tell you much more - it would ruin the overall experience. But: this is definitely an eye opener on the life of any blind person. Not being able to see nature and nothing to hold on to is a striking realisation. You also "see" more with your hearing than you think. People, for example, learn to arrange the facial expressions to be neutral to not reveal to the outer world how they feel - but often forget how betraying the honesty of a voice can be.

Here is the link to the exhibition.  If you want to go all in, there is also a restaurant in town without any lights where you can have dinner. It's name is Svartklubben and the reviews quite mixed, but I also think that it has to do with the new experience in itself. If I wouldn't look at the interior of any restaurant and not be impressed by the clientele, I might also start complaining about loud fans, loud music and other things I wouldn't notice otherwise, as I would be busy drowning in my company's eyes.

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