Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Knock-out (farfetched joke about in-box and out-box, as if were talking boxing)

A rare occasion is when I purchase several sets of postcards with the same motif! Means the composition was beautiful enough to please several friends and even myself. 
A couple moved in together very recently! I sent them their first postcard :)
First postcard this year came from Norway,
followed by a carefully recited story of the sejour in New Zeeland: 21 days.
This letter made someone in Lund very happy.
Birthday greetings with gift information: one is late, another consists of a multiple choice list with boxes to tick, a third states a donation has been made to save more children.
And delight and beach in Portugal is a gentle reminder of that spring and summer will come back this year too - of which most Swedes doubt especially in January and February. 

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