Saturday, 17 February 2018

Good things from this week so far :)

- I attended a nude painting session (croquis). As a painter, not the model. I expected it to be very relaxing, and it kind of relaxing, and it kind of was, but I think it should be more on the condition of the model: if she is tired because of a complicated position, let her make a pause and don't stick to a rigid schedule which doesn't put her needs first. Besides that, I found that it is foremostly very inspiring not to draw, but to write about what I saw. Croquis writing!
- A friend wanted to have lunch out and decidedly said, "I want to create this particular memory with you". I liked the control of the events planned ahead, as an alternative to the retrospective "do you remember when we did this, by chance?" So we found a decent pizza place at Kungsholmen :)

- I revealed to my lecturer that pine apples do not grow on trees and a class comrade googled the fields, to the lecturer's fascination.

- I went to a pizza place with a witch's hat on it's pizza boxes, planets and mini plantings hanging from the ceiling and they had COTTON CANDY BEER.

- I broke the code to my birthday gift with help from friends! I will tell you in a bit, next week I hope.

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