Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Birthday multitude: turning 1 turning 60 and a get-together inbetween

I gave the twins the tulips, two bananas (they like bananas) and
 ate sugary feet.
 The true party look.
 A popular culture reference to a film based on a Stephen King story few people will remember in a few years. 
 All the girls on this photo wore something with flowers! 
 Then I continued to two friends' home and found cupcakes with personality and 
 miniature lussekatter! We also played Codenames (and one of us had a sneak peek at the current Bitcoin value - he owns like 0.05 of them) and I almost, almost joined in Ticket to Ride. Everyone seems to love that game. 
And THIRD get-together that evening was at a place with a very nice view:
I spoke about its history for 15 minutes straight
to this couple. Then, I read a poem in Russian, ducked an impertinent question and found out that Lidingö municipality for some time had plans to create an aquarium. 

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