Wednesday, 7 February 2018

And suddenly, I was recruited as an actress

 You might see blood somewhere on the ground. Fake, of course. I also created fake tears putting snow around my eyes.
I could be from... well, you choose.
While waiting for the groups to come and interacting with them in the hypotethical scenario which was a car accident, I examined the surroundings a bit. Firemen were on each side handling black smoke from containers and white smoke from some houses further away.
Reminded quire a bit of Roberto Saviano's "Gomorra".
Most important is to not get cold feet. At -6.5 degrees, I tried to constantly walk around until I forgot and the character I was playing fainted anyway. 
This was just a few hundred meters away. Question: how does one bring a train anywhere?
I was asked if I would consider playing a bleeding victim next time. I certainly would. 

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