Monday, 8 January 2018

Vague (summer) plans

Maybe it's time to leave Europe. Cross the world. Javier, a colleague and friend, made big eyes when I said that I have never visited Africa, Asia or the Americas. In that case, I am curious about South Korea. (He promoted Morocco.)

But I want to see Europe too. Turns out, Germany has Maglev trains! I have to book a ticket. And while in Germany, I will visit Ilo, who makes big preparations. Two summers ago, in Berlin, she prepared a scavenger hunt for me and L. Now, for Hamburg, she sent me outfit themes before I start packing - three options, each connected to an activity I can only guess about judging by the shape of the clothes. SO MUCH FUN.

And then there is the special feast week in April in Seville.

And then Croatia has waterfalls I want to see and a music festival the first three days in July which is supposed to be good-great.

And then a friend is doing parts of her PhD at Yale university for three months and wonders if I am passing by.

My guess is that I will end up in London as the first destination of the year - a birthday gift from a friend. Till then, hopefully, I will have found a charger for my camera.

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