Thursday, 25 January 2018

The confusing reported deaths (warning to sensitive readers)

Do tell: when you read about a murder/massacre/death, what are your thoughts?

On a more objective plane, I am surprised about that it is information that is so sinister, and since it already happened, I can do nothing about. It is frustrating. Is the function of this reporting entertainment? Because many people do find murders intriguing, just look at all the podcasts on this topic. It is a warning finger, don't go to place X and do Y? Or with the angle "this can happen to everyone, even you", is it there to make us appreciate life more?

The idea could be, maybe, that when the press sets the tone and focuses on one particular crime, so do the authorities and one thing leading to the other in combination with public opinion, things change for the better: new effective routines being introduced and lessons being learned. Sometimes, more feminism hopefully is introduced - read for example about the case of Delhi braveheart from 2012 (the article is a brief summary of events).

Good reporting makes regimes unable to keep secrets for long and in theory, when we are aware of the world events, we can stop history from repeating itself. But then - why are there so few people that react to the sitiation of the Rohingyas? When the Swedish minister of foreign affairs came there to hear their stories, the women would not let her go and held on to her clothes: she and another co-worker were the first who had come to listen. Such an article can make me want to react and help, but I in my current role as an ordinary citizen "far away" might not have the means to stop the slaughter immediately. I don't speak the right languages, do not know all there is necessary to know about the cultures and history of the people involved and I need a so-called window of opportunity for the right snowball effects.

And why do we not cherish connected to life more? Like babies being BORN. That is, apart from being a "miracle", a lot to be said about logistics around birth and it's aftermath. Insurances to improve, female bodies to glorify.

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