Friday, 19 January 2018

Museum Mission (Barranda, Spain): don't be pregnant at the Music museum in Barranda

 "You will love it", everybody said. And indeed:
 The most peculiar instruments with most curious and beautiful sounds are collected here. Museo de la musica etnica de Barranda
 But there is one minus: the guide. For two reasons. 
 If you hit this incredible powerful gong from China, the vibrations can cause miscarriage, the guide said, and hit the instrument with a cruel smile. There were two women who could have been pregnant attending that demonstration, and he gave us no chance to leave before he intiated what could have been the cause our future children's death.
Second reason: he introduced an instrument from Thailand or Indonesia, unfortunately I do not remember which, used to call on people who were KILOMETERS away. I covered my ears while he played it catiously; he stopped playing and I let my hands fall down. He seized the moment and hit it again - hard. That vibration was hard to forget.
With a less self-loving guide, I assure you, the experience would have been radically different. 

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