Tuesday, 16 January 2018

I write fragments of poems, friends review

Every sunset is actually a rainbow practicing climbing the horizon 

Friend 1: "it is a marvelous image"
Friend 2: "haha poetic but scientifically not accurate"
Friend 3: "it is nice. But 'actually' is entirely imho unpoetic"


The dreams we see are new worlds under construction 

Friend 1: *encourages related business ideas*
Friend 4: "aww it's nice"
Friend 3: "ok nice critique: it's sweet. Tough critique: I think the idea is poetic but not the language. It doesn't become new in any way. More work on the language is needed (but it's just my taste)"

Friend 4 shares, when asked, his favourite authors that transmit the style of language as lightning (the idea of which I also like): Mallarmé, S. Plath, Ginsberg, T. Hardy. 

Cool, I will take a closer look! 

Now, here comes the most new line, never shared before because it is as fresh as the snow that falls outside my window. Inspiration from the book "The Vegetarian" by Han Kang that I started reading a few hours ago.

The body so thin, the shadow almost transparent 

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