Friday, 26 January 2018

Hi there, beautiful.

 On my way down to Lund, I exclaimed an "ah" - not because a guy I know from my university was seated two rows behind me - what are the odds? - but because FOG. Look at this wonderful mist, hanging in there, making everything a fairytale. What seems to be a lake in the distance is the fog, not a lake.
 It was also snowy a bit like in a fairy tale. 
 And more mist.
 This is taken in an angle typical for dedicated photographers: the uncomfortable one.
But on the way, somehow, the white magic melted. What is more confusing is that when I was going south, for a long time there were banks of snow until none was left, and when going back to north - Stockholm - it was not freezing anymore. The snow was somehow inbetween. 

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