Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Did this really happen?

 Mmm my camera has a new charger <3 This is what I found on it what I had no memory of having taken place! In "You are not so smart", a pod about neuroscience and its friend research areas, a researcher told about her study when people were able to create false memories. As I now seem to remember these photos, did I induce a false memory or do I actually remember? Slightly meta.
 Regardless, this was in Cartagena, Spain, and this is a BIKINI SKIRT. Swedish brand. Love it, looks dressed.
 Scarf, a gift from Spanish colleagues. 
 Friend who is convincing her friends she can be very tanned and they don't believe her because she is in a place where it is winter now and have not gotten to see the evidence.
This mystery building is potentially photographed by someone else: I passed my camera around.
My next project will be to try making a hologram, I think. There are many strategies - one of them being taking loooots of photos from different angles and morph them together. But which object should I go for?

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