Monday, 15 January 2018

Capturing capitalism or "How much screaming and disappointment was needed to produce your shirt?"

So close but so far, like the fruit in front of me I cannot take unless I hand over some cash first.

We use money to measure a lot of things, like services; some attorneys charge 3,000 pounds per hour, some artists 50 euros for the same amount of time. No money - not much gets done. But how much are we willing to do for money?

I am asking this because even though a job gives us a meaning, colleagues that become friends for life and not the least, it pays the bills - there is a reason to why a boss can call you the worst words at work. That reason is: If you object, you will be forced to leave; there are other people prepared to be yelled at without complaints who will happily take your job.

Therefore I wonder about (so far) quite unmeasurable things, for example:

How many disputes took place for the garment I am wearing to be manufactured and sold? (And with this information at hand, would it stop you from buying this shirt?)

Sustainable - sure. Good. But did every person contributing to its making have a good treatment?

Going further, did everybody in the crew feel that they were listened to, happy, felt they could develop in their professions? 

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