Friday, 22 December 2017

My new words as of 2017, part IV

Papermill - site with essays to cheat with. Moreover, the essay is split into parts for the student to present a credible (but simulated) working process.

Honeypotting - psychological tricks to convince someone to do something by using compliments.

Catfishing - pretending being someone you are not by using someone else's photos when for example dating online.

(Velouté sauce)

Katexis - psychoanalytical terminology for the emotional energy connected to an object

Rooftopping - climbing towers and construction sites (usually at sunrise for the light but when people are still asleep). Take selfies, maybe film it all, maybe celebrate a birthday. Climb back. No protection. High death risk.

Begpacking - tourists begging on the streets for funding.

Bouldering - climbing artificial rocks indoors.

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