Sunday, 10 December 2017

Moratalla mirador in the mountains and us strolling around in Las Fuentes del marqués

 Street markets take place in different towns and different days, Moratalla being my favourite because of the sloping street. 
There, we met an old colleague of mine and she told us that to get to the hot water source - where the water is constantly 24 degrees - we would have to cross a tiny water stream and the road is all sandy and of clay. In short, we needed a 4x4 car. She guided us to the mirador of city instead: its viewpoint. 
 From which I was able to spot my former place of residence, Calasparra, by the shape of the mountains :)
 The mirador OF COURSE had both a bar and a restaurant. 
 Even a museum, which had been closed for a couple of months but would open again in some time, is to be found here :) there are some cave paintings inside.
 Pomegranates! Like Christmas tree decorations. 
 To get up here, I would recommend a car, like with the castellitos in Cartagena. 
 The road all curvy, bicycle tournaments are arranged here.
 And then we had lunch in Fuentes del marqués. 
 It is a rather big park outside of Caravaca de la Cruz, with caves and a river and cactuses. In the building you see, you can have lunch at a restaurant with the same name, where the staff is very nice. Bye for now, Spain. Hopefully we shall meet again in April! 

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