Friday, 8 December 2017

Batería de castillitos, "the abandoned museum" (Cartagena)

The friends I came here  with exclaimed jovially that next time we come to visit, they could walk the five kilometers up, or take the bike. I would not even think the thought of visiting without a car (having been here; had I not seen the mountains, I would of course join in).
The place was active starting 1933-1936, and has been abandoned (thank you peace) since a few decades back. 
Great for picknick, for example, but there is no sole litterbin or other facility for human needs. 
Echo echo echo echo 
I found a secret tunnel, which through total darkness lead to a view. 
Under this flat surface is a water reservoir, we discovered.
Just across, to the right: Cartagena itself. It has a natural harbour and there is archaeological evidence people have lived here for at least 3,000 years (which I mentioned in the last post too, I now see...).
Inside, there are frames and things that indicate what the rooms behind each door served for.
Bye, fortress.

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