Tuesday, 26 December 2017

A list about 2017.

Castles visited:
Moratalla castle (this is the view on our way up - I will show you the photos in a bit), Lorca castle (I spent the night in a part of it at least, one could say), Oxford castle, Häringe slott, Nynäs slott, castles in Ekerö.

New places visited:
Cambridge and Oxford. The homeless people read thick books on the Oxford streets. EVERY academic year is celebrated with various traditions (in Sweden, you get your degree sent by snailmail and then you have a nice dinner at the university if you want to come). Overheard a young man talking strategically about getting into one of the colleges and figured out right away that many conversations go like this.

Museums visited: plenty, as usual, and now I am starting to find more of the unknown ones in Stockholm, very happy about it. Some are still left to blog about, mainly because I need permission from each museum to publish my photos and they ask me to sign documents. It's not as easy to have a blog as it might seem to be ;)

Best food experiences:
First - flashbacks for comparison. In 2016, it was an almond ice cream in Málaga and a mushroom avioli with fried salvia made by an acquintance in Stockholm. In 2015, a ravioli and a pinsa in Italy. This year - the Michelin guide restaurant in Murcia, Spain; a soup recipe I found online and M's cooking. She seems to have a wand in her fridge. On Christmas eve, I met a lady, Monika, who makes the best cakes, period. Even when she tries new ways, without gluten, you are amazed by every bite. And even this year, of course, I came across a few memorable hamburgers with a story.

First photo taken of the year:
Ocaña, near Aranjuez. I was running the last minutes of 2016 to find a good spot for seeing fireworks, which is not very common on the countryside. But I found some! 

First photo of me:
This is January 1st, on the roof top of a hotel in Cuidad real. I look like a gift-wrapping bow, nice. 

Best gifts:
A special spot saved for the make-your-own thriller, the streaming movies subscription, golden plates, a dusty pink cover. Also on the list: all the things I wished for and got! I tried to keep the list small, so a strong success. 
Blogging successes:
Foremost - I have gained more permanent readers, which makes me very happy. I also feel I can communicate differently, as if we have a friendly conversation. I know it takes about eight years for a blog to gain success these days and ithe would be really fun if you wanted to continue on this blogging journey with me. Readers from Argentina and Macau found this blog, a photo from the blog was pinned on Pinterest and a freelance jounalist asked if she could use one of my photos for one of her articles. WOOHOO I AM FAMOUS!!!! And all those viagra and other fishy sites that link to me with user profiles that always are created since yesterday, I guess I could be flattered? I know for sure that some of them really came back to read, so, if you are still here: I am happy you liked my blog. Attracting a fishing reader with content is like the pleasure of converting someone to your religion, I guess, of I had experienced it :p
Best experiences:
My birthday was the most perfect of my life. 
What I had never done before:
Punting. This is the famous wooden Newton bridge in Cambridge, by the way! I have seen language expressions actually happen, like: "He startled" - he really startled, and some other wonderful things. I joined Snapchat and am still very reluctant. I am writing a thesis everyone can search for online once it is done. Mr. Michelin was a new experience. I am the president of an organisation. I found poetry, by Athena Farrokhzad, and loved the entire book - I never care for poetry this much.

Resolutions for 2018:
I have some ideas and wishes I have written down. Going by a Maglev train is one of them, and travelling in general. Learning even more English is also a goal, and Russian. Maybe finish a novel? 

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