Saturday, 11 November 2017

Museum Mission: Scenkonstmuseet, or: "Me inside a trunk"

 A NEW museum! Open since February 2017. I visited it before in its old form, and the upgrade is delightful.
 For example: this piece of art that is a trunk that is a made-up music instrument. Sandra was playing the strings which are attached to the back and I was lying inside; we took turns and quickly realised that the low key notes would really make you vibrate, together with the tree.
 Another favourite was the game with cubes on the top floor. Actually, you should start with the third floor - it's the best. The sounds are a bit loud though, so bring ear plugs if you feel you need to. 
 Loved these birches and their roots. And the "music box" which is almost like attending a performance on the stage with the dancer.
Of course you should go! And bring friends to play the instruments together!.. 

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