Monday, 27 November 2017

How many political bodies do we need for a change?

Saturday, 1 p.m.: a peaceful demonstration in central Stockholm against the slavery in Libya that arose due to the refugee crisis. 

There are some things I want to know. 

I indeed felt that the position of my body was important. I made myself political by not just standing next to the stairs that lead to the square where the protests were, but by actually walking to the square and stand in the relative middle. But how many of us are needed for a change? I expressed my opinion by calmly screaming with the others, but who heard our screams? And, who will react to them?

There clearly ought to be a difference in how many people come, what they do and maybe some conclusions can be drawn from the origins, for example whether the demonstration was initiated by a Facebook invitation or if someone set fire on themselves in public. How media portraits the events is also crucial. I was there, and then I read an article in one of the biggest Swedish newspapers. It wasn't entirely correct.

I will do some research and get back to you. 

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