Friday, 17 November 2017

Highlights of Nanowrimo (warning to sensitive readers)

Co-writing, as in cheering each other from a distance while writing different stories, is more fun than being entirely solo and then ask around who wants to read your draft. Well, Stephen King passes his not yet published books among his friends for their opinion, but I cannot guarantee that kind of quality when I present my work.

National Novel Writing Month (link) is an abstract get-together, which you virtually sign up for writing (meaning, you do not sign up) what friend says is 1,666 words daily. I have material for maybe two additional pages and will end up having seven, but that is fine too of course, as long as you just make the attempt to write.

It is nice to see that people in front of computers at cafés seem to be quite involved. Or maybe the ones across us were just composing a theatre play together. Me, I am practicing English. Initially, wanting to use all the new words I learned recently, I just kept writing on a love story that takes all kinds of turns. Striving for making it worthwhile for the reader, here are some lines I think worked out quite well.

"His lips touched upon a smile."

"When I die and they will open my chest, the heart will surely be covered with tattoos of the ones I loved, and this man's image might just be getting a spot."

"Hitchhiking souls."

Then, M. is taking class in organ knowledge (well, toxicology) and had based-on-a-true-case suggestions for how to kill my characters off. One is, letting them get poisoned by A-vitamins by eating a polar bear's liver. (Hm, how do I take them to the North pole? They are shopping in a mall right now.) The second is eating rhubarbs in the winter, because that is when the poisonous acid from the leaves wanders into the stem.

We shall see. 

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