Monday, 2 October 2017

Psychological challenge: a day without saying I, me, mine

I tried for five minutes and that was hard already. Sentences have either to remain incomplete, become very complex in their structure, the message become almost entirely reformulated (after a long thinking pause) or it is better to just remain silent. Which is useful, too. Last time, I made it a challenge not speaking throughout a day, I realised people tend to speak without looking at each other, at least it is very common to start out that way.

So. In academics, a day without saying anything that has to do with me. I am wise choosing a day without a seminar - but with a lecture, to make it semi hard. I will surely have questions and will have to formulate them differently.

That day is today. I will get back to you tonight on how it went!, about nine hours later, I can conclude it was a total failure. First, let's forget I omitted doing this the first three hours awake. I had forgotten myself. Second, it got impossible to handle during the French lunch I have every second week. My French is not bureaucratic enough for non-personal opinions, and today's topic turned out to be about my childhood, which becomes gibberish if I speak of myself as a third person. Third, though I try carefully choosing what to say, keeping track of all the pronouns is overwhelming and even when successful, make conversations very uneven.

I regard this as practice and intend to try again another day :)

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