Thursday, 26 October 2017

"How to write a lot" by Paul J. Silvia

 Oh here comes a funny book about academic writing!
It's serious and helpful, like meeting an academic peer over a coffee. I found it grace to a presentation held at my university for the scholars there.
 Silvia encores you to remember that you paint basements, not landscapes. 
Pervert actions such as finishing grant proposals early will be made possible. At some point, he also suggests electric shocks as motivation for pracrastinators that keep finding leave it for later-reasons. Which seem reasonable! Who hasn't though that the writing will become better had I only a comfortable chair/inspiration/more time?
Wow, I didn't know this! And there also is the "en dash", the width of the capital N.
I disagree. I call referents individuals and so do my friends and colleagues and classmates. 
All in all - lovely and hands-on.

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