Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Future great books I want to be written (and if you know they exist, please tell!)

All plots in this post are ideas I give for anyone to use. Please, I really want to read these books. And please make them even more interesting and with correct facts only, no matter how thick the book has to be. Do you already know if these books exist? Then I would indeed be happy if you could tell me the titles.

The Right Hand. 
Kings, queens, tribe leaders, presidents - no one escaped advisers, who at times were the actual person in power. Get to know the private and professional sides of confidants affecting the most powerful people in the world: Rasputnikov, and of course not without new faces in modern times.

The Psychologist's psychologist. 
She has been hired by Doris Lessing, given Robbie Williams advice he will never forget, supported David Cameron after Brexit and went by private jet to al-Bassin to discuss his expressionless face and how it affects the image of the country. But who does psychologist Sarah speak to herself on sensitive matters? An intelligent, glittering novel with sea-deep insights in politics in practice, life-long unexpected friendships and maybe not that odd discussions about how it is being a complex modern human of today.

A Programmer's Diary. 
David is not unique: he is an introvert programmer who likes code over talking to a stranger at a party. Few know of his rich inner life. By the way,  did we mention he is an excellent stock trader and bought a castle last week? So did his friends, but nobody mentioned it to anyone, of course.

The Girl in the Castle 
In one room that nobody remembered, Gracie managed to live and witness the lives of royalties in Glennwickshore castle.
(this book for sure exists in various forms, in many languages.)

The story of a Michelin
How much food do the judges from the Michelin crew have to visit per year? How is the staff planning the trips, into least detail or more liberal? What kind of food do these people at home? Do they cook themselves? Find out the dirty secrets of the crew - who likes a cheeseburger late at night, who craves for doughnuts in the morning and who will never look at a wine below 1,000 euros again?

The secret professions
Job titles that few dream of as children, possibly because not even all adults know they exist.

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