Monday, 23 October 2017

Elephant dung and earthquakes (my birthday wish list, part I)

Last year, I woke up at a castle in Lorca on my birthday. I am not easy to please with gifts, but this was great. Lorca suffered from an earthquake in 2011. Real Madrid came to play for free to collect money to restore the city and a lot is still left to do. There WAS a chance for an earthquake, and I thought it was cool.

The gifts kept coming - letter paper made of elephant dung from Sri Lanka the day before, books delivered to the door the day after, a surprise party during the week.

It is very, very, difficult to make this ONE day great with all the pressure for everything to be cheerful and perfect, so I have started to prefer the concept of a birthday week. You can prolong the joy, you get more relaxed, friends from different time zones and job missions are given the time to remember and greet you and it is easier to spread the gift giving and -opening throughout a few days, instead of concentrating everything during a few hours (and then wait till next year till it happens again, unless you make some other festivities up). I also like what some Aborigines do: they celebrate themselves when they have achieved a new skill, and change their name to match that skill. In that case, I had an actual birthday in August 2017. My new name stays secret :)

The coming year, I turn a certain amount of decades. To some people, this is important. A number divisible by ten! A friend promised to sew me a jumpsuit, so that might happen. Surely books will appear - a really good gift, always.

For my birthday in 2018, I wish for:

♡ A better situation for the migrants and for states and NGOs to get more involved and make it easier for the migrants to get involved in the society. Abolish the slavery migrants are forced into in Libya! Make Australia be less hostile to its refugees! What is going on there is CRAZY.

♡ A drone to take photos with.

♡ Fun things. Experiences, travels, theatre tickets.

♡ Metallic hair tattoos. PRETTY ones.

♡ More harp classes.

♡ A spa experience. I never turn down a massage, how about one with clay this time?

♡ Another Michelin guide experience.

♡ Binoculars. Handy, small, useful for long distances.

♡ Same criterias as above, but for a compass.

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