Sunday, 22 October 2017

Collection of my dreams

 I want a sweater that looks like this, but it is nowhere to be found. The blue should be more bright and the clouds occur more often.
 But very similar versions circulate on Pinterest. Maybe I am closer to it than I think. Or, the usual, just wait for the trend to come and there it will be.
This is a beautiful dress where asymmetric sequins spread out vertically, seemingly connecting the skirt with the top. The skirt is satin shiny, the upper part could be too.
Here is the reason to the topic: I dreamt of this piece. Of course, it would not even pass for a fake replica, but as a draft it works perfectly fine. The draft says this: the black is 3D velvet, and behind it hide shiny nuances of half a rainbow in a  not too obvious fashion. 

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