Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A written serenade with 18th century rock'nroll theme and other mail

This is a tough one. The message is likeable, but the opinions about the glitter on it vary. In probably 64.56% of the cases, I am pro glitter. This time too.
Per-Anders Fogelström, the author of Swedish classics that are the opposite of difficult and uninteresting, is celebrated by a set of, unfortunately, quite sad-looking stamps. This is one of the happier-gloomy; that gives you a hint of the tone.
 Animated animals on letterpaper feel a bit childish, so I compensate by combining it with other styles. The worst are dim photographies of dogs and cats "being cute" (running, sitting with their head up or puppies on a row...) on a stationary. NO. Draw them, but don't take photos of them. They are not as cute as you producers think.
Even happier gloom!
This spring blossom just gave gold leaf a new meaning :)
Why not hide a pleasant surprise at the back?
 And a friend's baby was born!
 As the card collector I am, I had plenty of choice for the occasion in my archives.
Last time I congratulated a friend, she complimented me and published the gender-neutral postcard in her Facebook group with other mums. :)

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