Wednesday, 11 October 2017

60 text messages a day

When I signed up for a subscription in 2012 which gave me a Samsung for free somehow, the salesman and I laughed about the amount of text messages I could send per month for free: 3,000. He then told me some true anecdote about a school girl, maybe his friend's daughter, who would send 60 text messages a day. We both concluded that it is a lot, almost impossible to reach.

Is it?

Since then, we have been whatsapping and snapchatting and for sure changed our way of using words in a quick communication. A text message to me, back then, would mean at least a developed thought that was some 160 characters long or more. Sending an "ok" alone was out of this world. Too short and uninformative, really. If I count all "ok:s" and corrections of *pelling mistakes today? I sent almost 70 messages. If I follow this pattern, I can reach some 2,100 messages per month. Then add emails, photos and actual physical letters :) That's a lot! And makes it difficult signing out or being intravert.

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