Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What would replace coffee?

I once was responsible for the coffee bread and cookies at work - a tradition passed on to every member of the working team weekly. I baked and bought a cheese and some toppings. We were on the top floor and the coffee machine four floors down, so I did something extra as well - filled big coffee thermoses with coffee so that we could: save time, refill quickly again when it got cold and just feel the extra care.

It was not appreciated. I got one positive comment and of maybe 11 mugs waiting to be filled, about three were used. Not a coffee drinker myself, I had missed what turned out to be an important social part - meeting people during the walk down and the chatting in the queue. The walk surely also served as a small, intentional break.

But coffee has not always been this social key. So a thought arose: what could replace this almost ritual beverage and the path to it? Not counting smoking and drinks at the local pub. Any suggestions? 

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