Saturday, 30 September 2017

Cinderella goes comfortable

Right now, I am of the political-philosophical-fashion view that shoes should simultaneously fulfill the impossible requirements to fit climbing tree activities directly after a visit to the opera. I am heading there, shoelace by shoelace.
Summertime, these are fine for visiting friend, climb a tree and visit a castle. They have a spongy sole! So you take care of your backbone, thank you dear Spanish producer. On the downside, they last one season only.
Friendly sheep, soft and warm, multi-purpose. We have a "gang" around where I live (which is a super safe place - they just don't how how to be cool) that crashes the glass which encapsulates the bus stops, causing the scattered pieces look like eternal ice (I was about to say "frozen ice", which would be more correct as frozen-frozen ice?). So since it's just laying there waiting to be mended, I made art of it. The other guy present at the bus stop nodded and was impressed.
Waiting for friend to come-shoes. I mastered the art of making these uncomfortable pieces walkable by wearing thick socks first. If you want to stretch leather, wear wet socks with your shoes on for sometime, don't wet the entire shoe.
My newest recruitment, winter-but-autumn or autumn-but-not-frost shoes. Leather like this needs care with creams that doesn't dry it out - then they can last for years. They say. Lady in shop showed me her leather sandals that had undergone this cream treatment and they looked solid. So it's like a plant? I will start the treatment today or tomorrow. 

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