Thursday, 13 July 2017

Welcome to Calasparra (photos I had the time to take)

 This was my city from late September till a little bit of June. Over 10,000 inhabitants and hardly on anybody's bucket list to visit - but you have to know where to look. An ordinary house could have plenty of stories - just ask.
 First, we have the castle ruins. From there you will have a view of the city from one side and the Molina mountain on the other. There is also a river and a secret thing I will not tell you, discover it yourself :)
Street names are written on decorative stones or, most common, on tiles.
 Some house owners love animals.
If you are lucky, while you are reading a book on a meadow, it can suddenly be invaded by say 100 goats that will eat the grass, glance at you and then leave and you will wonder how that could happen so quickly. Occasionally, like once every ten years, there will also be a boar.

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