Sunday, 2 July 2017

Things I learned and experienced in Oxford

 If you line up the coins, you will see the queen ageing.
 A small Chinese high school has 1,000 students. 
 I ask the taxi driver: "How fast are you going?"
Taxi driver: "30 mph. Why, are you uncomfortable?"
Me: "I am loving it."
Taxi driver: "In that case, it's 50 mph."
 Italian student: what will ISIS be called in 20 years?
*everyone thinking*
Italian student: WASWAS.
Coach driver when he sees a signpost he doesn't like:
"To hell with that!"
London actually is two cities united. Here, demonstrations are common to make a point and are surveyed by helicopter(s) and blocked by maaaaany police cars.
At Corpus Cristi College, the second smallest university of Cambridge (250 studentd), the cleaners are supposed to spy at the students to stop them from doing something naughty. 
 Between the two major parts of Bleinheim palace, there is a small local train that takes you back and forth like one station. And: there is a big maze.
 False legend: the heaviest students got the bridge of sighs cut off to make them walk longer distances...but taking the stairs instead actually saves time.
Oxford students went to Cambridge (named after river Cam and the many bridges) to start a new university because they didn't like the Oxford ways. If you study history in Cambridge, the system is this: you have to write a 4,000 words essay answering a specific question every week, all by yourself. All lectures are optional. The essay requires first the basic reading, what DOES IT ALL MEAN?, and then additional 50 hours of reading to specialize. After that comes half an hour of individual tutoring or 1,5 h tutoring with two more people. Upon that an exam on the same subjects, three essays during three hours.  So, the first week into this system is mind boggling, then you get used to it.
Upon the end of an academic year, friends spray foam on you and you wash yourself off by jumping into the dirty river.
There is a Unicorn theatre in Abingdon (near Oxford).
There is a place in town that serves a cheeseburger "made of dreams". I have tasted it and can recommend. Byron is its name.
This is a library. Bodelian library. 11,000,000 titles.
Get lost and you will find.
Punting, like kayaking but in a flatter boat with more people and a pole to push in the mud at the bottom of the river, is very relaxing. Well, actually sitting in it more than the actual pole in the mud part :)

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