Saturday, 15 July 2017

Hair saloon at my home

 Pull here, hold there!
 There are competitions for horses to look pretty - I am sure there are braiding categories for humans as well. 
 As pointed out in one of the braid books I read, this is an activity that bonds people together, it is for free and mainly female. 
 Excellent story-telling moment. 
 And here it is! X.
 Practical for training if you are into that, and is like an extra outfit touch, totally recommended.
 Who needs earrings or bracelets when one has BRAIDS? Hmm, maybe some pompoms at the ends, but that's it.
 Then the turn came to L.
 Ilo says it is important to have a vision when you start, that is when you get the wow results 
and happy friends.

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