Monday, 10 July 2017

Deep views in Bullas

Some days ago, we were looking at semi-high mountain formations on this blog. Now, let's look deeper!
Bullas manufactures several wines (I even visited a person's home which has boxes of wine at the entrance - they make about 10,000 bottles a year), so it is natural there is a wine museum. My favourite part of the area, not being a fan of wine, is THIS. A river has carved out a meandry valley which is at some places deep, and most importantly, beautiful. 
This took place in November and this sign was a milestone: I understood this Spanish text fully except for one word, after only 3 months in Spain. 
On Internet, this place looks like something that would be used to brand Photoshop. Caves and what not hat make you wish you want to believe your eyes.
In reality, from some angles, it is still pretty amazing. 
Can any fishiologist explain this: HOW did the fish come here? Do they breed naturally in water and live on the generous food donations from the tourists that came in the buses? (See bus reference below.)
I would be happy to come here more times: for painting, for writing, for a picknick, maybe even a swim. The good thing about clear water is that people can see if somebody is drowning, so I can count on being saved.
*profile photo*
To be painted, no? :)
If you plan to come here to get some time alone or for example a romantic date where only you two can have some privacy though, think again. BUSES of tourists (mostly from within Spain itself, I believe) come here on a crowded day. 
Semi-cave included!

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