Monday, 17 July 2017

A year ago: two weeks in Berlin (part I)

 A superfresh experience. Moreover, it was placed inside a monastery/church ruin, so mainly for culturally interested clients :D
 I definitely think Berlin is a city where one never gets bored and there is probably everything for everyone. I was very laid back when I went and discovered things little by little and in hindsight, planning in this city is very good. Not reading books, which are usually inadequate UNLESS stated to be EXPLORING and HIP and REALLY COOL, but reading blogs and forums. For example: Food Stories.
Art flourishes, it does, but I thought it would flourish more.
Thai market on Sundays! Good food :)
And of course, I recommend what I did myself: stay here for more than the average three days.
Because then you have time to do strolling.
 Cool random building not too far from where me and L. stayed.
 What I didn't even catch a glimpse of is the night life (we left that roof top bar at 24). There is apparently an entire world to experience which is not visible the hours people that like to sleep at night are awake. A public tram which becomes a party vehicle on a certain day and time, clubs where they serve ice cream to keep you dancing, entire parts of towns that are known for partying etc etc.
 One of the most powerful museums, if not the most powerful, is the Jewish Museum. Very thought-through arcitectonically and with many big spaces to feel and interpret. Even a little too big at the end. 
Charlottenburg's park. Here you can go for free, but it costs to enter the castle and the other buildings scattered around. Warning, open till 18 usually means that you will not be let in at 17.45 even if the staff has nothing to do. 
More memories coming up! 

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