Saturday, 8 July 2017

A couple of other things I learned and experienced in Oxford

That is both polite and informative.
Cowley road in Oxford has good food. It has a festival in July when food is even better and cheaper.
 The impossible stated as possible. 
 Our guide was impressed by some of us knowing ancient Greek written in this book. It had never happened to him before. :)
 Inside Magdelene college during its Art festival.
There are four or seven floors of books, depending on the guide you ask, under the ground that surrounds Radcliffe camera, the first round library in the world. 
Fish and chips taste surprisingly well with vinegar. And now I know the truth about wrapping the dish in newspaper: it was done back in the days when the customers would bring their own.
If you ask nicely, a stand at a street market can prepare your burger half an hour after they close and wait for you. The same people can also can the wrong change back and cover up for it to not be noticed by giving you a Pepsi for free as a distraction. 
Another name for river Thames is Isis. 
 Inside the Botanic garden in Oxford, there are two trees described in Tolkien's books.
 At All Souls College, three years ago or so, if you wanted to get accepted to a post graduate program, you could take the One Word Exam. You would enter a room and open an evelope at a desk. The envelope contains any random word, and you have three hours to write an essay about that word in all the topics you know: physics, history, philosophy... Some years not a single person got accepted because no one was good enough. 
All Souls College has a tradition when students get drunk and climb the roof to look for an imaginary duck, which is said to be found in the grounds when the College was built. This only happens every hundred years and does not stop until the dean comes out with a stick at the end of which there is a duck (these days of plastic, previous years from a park). Latest "party" took place in 2001.
There is an exhibition at Weston library where you can see an original Magna Carta. There are 16 originals in total, made between 1212-1225 (should be, I asked). When the Magna Cartas lose their colour, professionals with surgeon steady hands fill the letters in with pigment.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have national anthem lyrics; the citizens can simply not agree on what words to sing.
 One colleague's clothes.
Another colleague's clothes.
Cockney is a person born in London within the sound of Bow Bells. The language/dialect developed for some people to be able to communicate with each other so that secret police wouldn't know when they would plan to steal something. 
British Museum, where I was mistaken for an employee. 
Who robbed the fairy? Is it a profession to do so? Did they cut some kind of a deal? Wait, dust is dirt, so basically this is a fairy's dead skin cells?
Town hall advertising Red Bull, hmmm. 
I saw a Shakespeare play where two actors jumped - unexpectedly - into the Thames.
Poppys that are lilac exist!!!
Not a Sad Families Game, ok.
Meal with variation. 
"The one I love"×2, is that on purpose? 
Bye, Oxford! 

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