Saturday, 29 July 2017

Predicting the future

I am waiting for:

The first official document to have an emoticon (a 'smiley') at a significant place.

The login to computers lasting a fraction of a second.

Us knowing about our bodies' bacteria far better than now as a standardisation.

Maglev trains or similar fast trains to be available in more countries, and across countries.

Menstruation not being something hush-hush and shameful in any culture but something to be proud of, so that women and girls can get more respect for their bodies and not have to stay home from school or jobs because they can't afford sanitary pads (and of course that toilets with water and soap are built for them to change the sanitary pads regularly and in privacy).

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Mourning shoes.

Shoes: conversation starters. One of the key factors to survival in the concentration camp during WWII, according to a Swedish author that survived. Comfort-offering in general. If you are lucky to find that kind, of course. It is difficult. I have entered a shop in Stockholm asking for "comfortable and good-looking shoes, please" and the sales assistant didn't even try to lie: they had none.

So the delight to have found these:
Tight at the right places, matches many outfits, soft spongy inner sole ( = suitable for long walks) and with small holes that makes the material breathe ( = more fresh environment for feet). But there is always something wrong. They can not survive rain without impregnation, and maybe not even with impregnation.

The chance to find out never came, though. They are completely, entirely gone. They are the second pair do disappear; a pair of pink high heels from 2013 also went missing, in 2014, and never showed up since. Lost in my flat! The brown pair vanished somewhere between Calasparra and Murcia, i.e. I have no good explanation. I searched and searched. Have you also lost something you should not have lost? I can make my list longer; there is a white blouse, a booklet and a jacket that seem to be eradicated from earth's surface. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Cat guarding

This was entirely new to me. He is seven cat years (but one human calender year) and likes to play. At night. When I sleep. One night I woke up the second before he flew diagonally across the bed to catch a toy mouse, like Cat-man, or Superman had he been a cat.
He also likes to be where the action is. If you are drinking water, he will be looking into the sink. If you are having breakfast, you have to convince him to not walk on the kitchen table. My biggest objection, not having him sleeping ON me when I was sleeping too, was met with a gentle bite (teeth scratched arm and the blemish was gone next day).
He is Russian blue - maybe the breed is known to have a specific character. Some time ago, I helped his owner to give him a Russian name as well. I sent her a list with Ярослав and Кирилл and Никита et cetera, but he became something completely different. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A year ago: two weeks in Berlin (part III)

Something striking: one can dress to match the seats on the subway. There are no machines where to blip your ticket by the way, so some people take the risk of getting caught by the random ticket controllers.
 Weather was nice but could switch with the speed of snapping fingers. Thunder, rain, over and out - sun again. 
If only Germany had won against France! It would have been an epic dance on the streets. You know when girls put on makeup before a night out? Imagine that people all sexes and ages have makeup all over the body and beyond = people decorated themselves in German colours in creative ways.
 I took care of my Sauromatum plant, bought in Amsterdam and transported to Stockholm, like a pet. Note that this pet needed nothing; soil, water and space were all completely irrelevant. I figured out quite late (when it was already drying out) that sun was an essential factor, but it was fun as long as it lasted (140 days, I even brought it to Spain) and I would do it again.
I saw Berlin from above. 
 I found a piece of Stockholm! The owner had been there and liked the city, hence the name. 
And can you believe it - museums are usually closed on Mondays, so I came to the Modern Art Museum on a Tuesday - and their philosophy is to be closed on Tuesdays, so that the poor tourists that cannot visit other museums on Mondays can come here. Some other time then!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A year ago: two weeks in Berlin (part II)

 Quick recap for readers who didn't read the previous blogpost: a year ago, I was in Berlin and here are some exclusive photos, taken with my Samsung A3. Don't worry, I am joking. The Samsung lives its on life and the photos become thereafter. You are seeing UNPUBLISHED photos though. Most of them. 
 Life always gets happier with soap bubbles.
And when in Berlin for a longer time and it's warm, you have the time to go to Potsdam.
You might remember that is juuuust the kitchen. It was. Now it is partially used for lectures by the university. 
And you might remember the castles here are like sprinkles on an ice cream: many.
Told you. 
This is me one year ago. 
And this is a part of a church (not a castle, I am quite sure). While the rest is being renovated, its most significant parts (probably renovated first) are at displays as teasers. "Just wait, it will be great!"
Next Berlin throwback will be the last part :)

Monday, 17 July 2017

A year ago: two weeks in Berlin (part I)

 A superfresh experience. Moreover, it was placed inside a monastery/church ruin, so mainly for culturally interested clients :D
 I definitely think Berlin is a city where one never gets bored and there is probably everything for everyone. I was very laid back when I went and discovered things little by little and in hindsight, planning in this city is very good. Not reading books, which are usually inadequate UNLESS stated to be EXPLORING and HIP and REALLY COOL, but reading blogs and forums. For example: Food Stories.
Art flourishes, it does, but I thought it would flourish more.
Thai market on Sundays! Good food :)
And of course, I recommend what I did myself: stay here for more than the average three days.
Because then you have time to do strolling.
 Cool random building not too far from where me and L. stayed.
 What I didn't even catch a glimpse of is the night life (we left that roof top bar at 24). There is apparently an entire world to experience which is not visible the hours people that like to sleep at night are awake. A public tram which becomes a party vehicle on a certain day and time, clubs where they serve ice cream to keep you dancing, entire parts of towns that are known for partying etc etc.
 One of the most powerful museums, if not the most powerful, is the Jewish Museum. Very thought-through arcitectonically and with many big spaces to feel and interpret. Even a little too big at the end. 
Charlottenburg's park. Here you can go for free, but it costs to enter the castle and the other buildings scattered around. Warning, open till 18 usually means that you will not be let in at 17.45 even if the staff has nothing to do. 
More memories coming up! 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Hair saloon at my home

 Pull here, hold there!
 There are competitions for horses to look pretty - I am sure there are braiding categories for humans as well. 
 As pointed out in one of the braid books I read, this is an activity that bonds people together, it is for free and mainly female. 
 Excellent story-telling moment. 
 And here it is! X.
 Practical for training if you are into that, and is like an extra outfit touch, totally recommended.
 Who needs earrings or bracelets when one has BRAIDS? Hmm, maybe some pompoms at the ends, but that's it.
 Then the turn came to L.
 Ilo says it is important to have a vision when you start, that is when you get the wow results 
and happy friends.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Spain vs Great Britain

All the motifs are from southern Spain, except for the horses one: it is at the Canary Islands.
 This is the best stamp.
 And so is this. They have everything: history, the name of the famous building is written and there is even a flag.
Too sad that all of my postcards seem to have gone missing. Somewhere, there is a secret land where all the postcards, letters and parcels stay and party while waiting to be found and send to the right place. Because HOW is it possible that they get lost on their way?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Welcome to Calasparra (photos I had the time to take)

 This was my city from late September till a little bit of June. Over 10,000 inhabitants and hardly on anybody's bucket list to visit - but you have to know where to look. An ordinary house could have plenty of stories - just ask.
 First, we have the castle ruins. From there you will have a view of the city from one side and the Molina mountain on the other. There is also a river and a secret thing I will not tell you, discover it yourself :)
Street names are written on decorative stones or, most common, on tiles.
 Some house owners love animals.
If you are lucky, while you are reading a book on a meadow, it can suddenly be invaded by say 100 goats that will eat the grass, glance at you and then leave and you will wonder how that could happen so quickly. Occasionally, like once every ten years, there will also be a boar.