Sunday, 4 June 2017

New words as of 2017, part II.

Nollbeslut - de som lever under existensminimum och har skulder hos Kronofogden som får beslutet att de inte behöver betala in skulden [än?].

Terra nullia - land on our planet that doesn't belong to anyone. Odd places that are difficult to access, but they exist!

Panko - Asian bread crumbs, to make fish and chips out of, for example.

Domotics - scientific discipline dedicated to studying the electronic technologies intended to assist in organising domestic life. So, domestic robotics!

Bypass information -  scenes in a film that are not there for the ploy but for giving soul to the circumstances. Happens for example in "Twin Peaks".

Minnesota nice - a fake nice exaggerated attitude people in Minnesota have developed as a result of that everyone lives far apart in a cold rough landscape. This is not really true, though; the term is coined by filmmaker Nah Fawley for his third series of "Fargo".

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