Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mountains shaped by heaven's tears

 Topic was a bit dramatic, but it is true that it is rain that erodes the shapes of this lands. Correct name: Erosiones de Bolnuevo. Found in Mazarrón.
 Just across the road, there is a beach and a rope swing :) I asked a child nicely if I could borrow the rope for a photo and she waited patiently.
Psychologists would be happy for the new material. "What does this look to you?"
Like a sea mushroom.
They might be entirely gone in a few hundred years. I touched the surface, and the small stones are easy to scratch off.
So they potentially could fall over you any second? That is at least a potential thought.
 But also perfect for picknick and hanging out with friends.
 And taking photos, naturally.
 Now it looks like a piece of cake someone squeezed in.
*film setting for a difficult pilgrimage*
And it's actually much closer than you think. 
Desktop photo, anyone? 
Landscape around is amazing enough to be used for actual films that take place on the moon.

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