Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Just out of curiosity: interviews with old celebrities

all the dead thinkers revived and went directly to work at their favourite cafés. They are well informed about all changes and novelties.

Madame de Beauvoir, if I may, what computer brand and browser are you using? Aha, I see. What do you think about the Big Data search engines such as Google collect from their users? Are you going to start your own publishing house?

Monsieur Sartre, please motivate thoroughly your favourite dish from a Masterchef episode.

Monsieur van Gogh and Mister Munch, are you planning to make an interpretation of the selfie concept?

Monsieur Focault, what is your blog going to be called?

Monsieur Molière, what is your next play going to be about?

Madame Shelley and Madame Brontë, is it true that you plan to give courses in writing?

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