Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hot days in Madrid, glimpse III

When my Spanish colleague A. found out I was going to Madrid, she And her husband sat down with me to give suggestions on what to do. 
Teleferico de Madrid was one of them! We went both ways.
And the English digital guide surely told us very interesting facts, but did so in such a low voice that I didn't learn a single fact.
And the other end goes to the woods - a huge park - which has a theme park, fountains and a café at the point where you arrive, but it is not very well arranged. You could go for a run and bike, but it takes time to get to the theme park and there are no trees cut to facilitate great views. So, we went back.
Many people waived to us (not visible but I am telling the truth).
And it all looks so close! By foot, not much.
Cute cute cute.
If I recall it right, famous painter Goya had a house next to exactly this river. 
Attractive quarters - maybe I just helped someone to make up their mind about moving to a flat here? :))
*inaudible fact* aha, cool.
Castle and Almudena cathedral - click for a rainy view from November. 
Totally material for shooting movies and series, wide range.
"Landing" soon!
Always something special about seeing a city from above. Humans often say they would like to fly or even "to be a bird". And birds, do they ever go: "Hmmm I wonder what it's like to run a bank"?
Then we strolled around some more. Imagine having this at home? Glass shaped like a light bulb or a cactus, add a straw.

Bellamia is an Italian smoothie/ice cream bar and they know what they are doing. I mean, Italians know food, but here they offered me a WATER BASED smoothie (I could choose that or more cream based) which basically was a melted ice cream BUT with refreshing magic.

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